Sunday, January 2, 2011


Have I ever mentioned that I am a germaphobe?  You probably could have guessed since I am phobic about vomit that I wouldn't like germs, but I mean I REALLY don't like germs.  If you were to peek into my belongings, you would be likely to find antibacterial gel in my purse, my car, my nightstand... basically anywhere that you will find me.  And yes, I do know that antibacterial gel actually doesn't kill stomach virus germs, but hey, if it makes me feel a bit safer, then why not right?

Well, today, I ventured into a very frightening place, armed only with my antibacterial gel.  An indoor child's adventure playground, complete with sticky padded walls and dark tunnels lined with who-knows-what.  I try to avoid these places in general but it is Mylie's 4th birthday tomorrow and since we held her birthday party so early, I felt like we needed to do something a bit festive for her, and this was what she wanted to do.

We met up with a couple of their little buddies and their mom and let them loose onto the playground, which brings me to a question.  Why on earth, do parents take their obviously sick children out into public and risk infecting other people with their germs???  I mean, I am not talking about colds... I fully understand that.  This time of year, we would have to hibernate if I never took my kids out when they have runny noses.  And I also understand that there are just times when you have to get something done and you have no choice but to drag your sick kid along.  But what I really don't get, is why someone would take their child who visibly appears to be sick and is shivering from what appears to be fever out to an indoor playplace?  It was all I could do not to rush around and gather up my little troops and leave.  It is almost like knowingly attending a chicken pox party (the idea of which I am not entirely against, lol!) and throwing a sick child in with a bunch of healthy ones to see what kind of results you can get!

Anyways, enough with my germ rant... here are my pictures for the day!  First up is Mylie, who had just mildly injured herself on the trampoline at our house.  Even though she is almost 4, she still does this thing where she sucks on her lower lip while she rifles her hand around on her Bobby (that is her blanky's name... and for the record, he is a boy.)  She was doing that here.  Mylie brings new meaning to the phrase, "Turn that frown, upside down!"

And this is her, laid out on the ground on a makeshift bed made by Laina and covered by Bobby.  It was all very dramatic, Laina the drama queen acting as if a major injury had just occured and she (the heroine) was in charge of making Mylie comfortable until help arrived.  I was obviously being unsympathetic by standing around taking pictures when such an emergency was taking place.

And here are the girls doing lunch with their BFF's at White Spot.


  1. I am LAUGHING at you being *unsympathetic* and taking photos. Too FUNNY! I am glad Mylie lived through it. :)

    I get you about the germs. I'm not a germ freak by nature, but I am aware of them and I would be absolutely appalled if someone brought their visibly sick child to play somewhere like that. The poor dear.

    Love the pics - so cute, as always. ♥

  2. Those pictures of Mylie are so cute/ funny. I love how Laina made a makeshift bed for her, reminds me of how overdramatic the kids at school get when someone gets hurt and how I say, "I think you'll live."


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