Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Fool for Tulle

My rotary cutter and I had a date with some bolts of tulle today.... I am working on 14 more tutus for the blue/ red (Baseball) ballet group, and I cut out 7 of them today. Each tutu takes close to 100 6 inch wide strips, so I will be tying myself silly for the next couple of days.

The girls had a playdate today with their BFFs and when we dropped them back off at home, we went for a little explore of their gorgeous new rural property (so jealous, they have a cute barn on their property! My favorite type for taking photos in front of!!) It was pretty mucky outside from all the melting snow and rain, but that didn't stop the girls from running through puddles. Despite my protests to the contrary, Laina insisted that Uggs are waterproof and ran right through a deep puddle, closely followed by Mylie in her tights and Croc. Yep, that was smart, run through a puddle with shoes with HOLES in them!

This is how she feels about having her feet wet.

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  1. Love the pics! The girlies are beautiful as always. Laughing at Crocs in the puddles -- not exactly a good combination, hey?! And I'm with Mylie. Wet feet never make me happy.


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