Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Go Handmade for Christmas!

As any crafty (or wannabee crafty person such as my self) person will tell you, handmade is a really special way to find a unique gift for someone on your list for Christmas.  For any of you unfamiliar with the site, I would like to introduce you to the wonders of Etsy!  It is a giant online marketplace for buying handmade and vintage items from a multitude a sellers all over the world (but mainly in the US and Canada).

I am going to post some gift ideas that I have found on etsy, I may or may not have actually purchased from these sellers so can't endorse the quality, but just to hopefully give you some inspiration to go handmade!

For a mom or grandma on your list, these Handstamped Personalized necklaces are a sweet way for her to display the names and birthstones of the important people in her life .  The seller is jcjewelrydesign and a link can be found here.
THREE NAME Charm Handstamped Personalized Sterling Silver Keepsake Necklace with a Birthstone

This custom family tree painting on canvas would be a nice gift for parents or grandparents who are interested in their geneaology.  There a "cutesy" versions for children as well.  The seller is TheStakerStore and a link can be found here.
Custom Classic Family Tree - 12x16 print

For a child with an uncommon name (like 2 of mine) who looks longingly at the racks of personalized pens and toothbrushes in ToysRUs.... a personalized aluminum water bottle.  The seller is MyPersonalizedTshirt and a link can be found  here.
owl girl personalized aluminum water bottle

For the (boy or girl) superhero in your life, a personalized cape and mask (can you tell I like the personalized stuff?)  The seller is FancyThat1 and the link can be found here.
Super Hero Cape and MASK- Personalized

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Lots of cute and affordable handmade items on etsy!

And no photo today... I promise to go practice right after I place some Black Friday orders, teehee!

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  1. These are some great ideas, girlie! Seriously. I know we talked about the water bottle before, but I had forgotten. I might have to look into something like that for Miss Z since she has the most uncommon name of anyone in our house... lol. ♥ Thanks!


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