Friday, April 1, 2011

Almost couldn't do it

I stared at the computer for way too long today, trying to get some assignments done that seemed way over my head. With some help from Christine, Danny and Addy, I think I figured most of it out, but my eyes are burning from staring at the computer for so long (I don't know how I used to manage it for work!!). So I almost couldn't bring myself to blog tonight. But here I am. It is the first day of my 4th month of my project 365! That is like, a quarter of the way done!

On a side note, when I just now remembered that it was April 1rst, I thought about what Laina did at school today. Now, keep in mind, I am getting this from a 2nd grader... but in French (or maybe just in Quebec??) April Fool's Day is called Poisson d'avril. Very basically translated April fish. So in Laina's french school, they go around sticking paper fish on each other's backs as a joke. Kinda like a "kick me" sign. Weird tradition?? Okay, just looked it up, and it is in fact a tradition from France, possibly the origins of Aprils Fools Day, if you are bored enough, click here to read a little write up about it!

And now for my pictures. Again, an assignment, here is Mylie this time.



Here is a cute one I forgot from yesterday, looks like Evie really needs a diaper change, lol!


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