Saturday, April 9, 2011

Evelyn Ate It

This morning we had pancakes for breakfast. We were moving along at a lazy Saturday morning pace and Adam and I were in the big girl's shared room helping them pick out clothes and get dressed (they don't NEED the help, just the proverbial kick in the butt to actually get it done!). Evelyn was in there with us too, but suddenly we noticed that it was quiet in the house. Eerily quiet. Adam verbalized it. "Where is Evelyn? Why is it so quiet?" As any parent knows, quiet in the house with a toddler is a bad thing. It means that something is wrong, and mischief is being made. So he set off in search of her.

I heard the yelp coming from the kitchen. Adam had found her.... up on the kitchen table. We had left the remnants of breakfast out on the table, and Evelyn was up there using her soother to dig hunks of margarine out of the tub and then eating it off of the nipple. She was pleased with herself and grinned at us with her greasy face. Unfortunately, I didn't wait to snap a picture... the margarine needed rescuing.

And now to completely shift gears. Here is my latest with Laina, some of you have probably already seen it on facebook...sorry, but I was lazy with the camera today and didn't have anything else to post!










  1. very cute pictures of Laina! I heard there were some Japanese tourists snapping pictures of her, too!

  2. I love your pictures.

    I love pancakes.


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