Sunday, April 10, 2011


We had a fun day today starting with swimming lessons (and an opportunity for Evelyn to model another cute Gymboree bathing suit, this one with a special place in my heart... a bee)

After swimming, we did a kid swap with the girl's BFFs... their mom took Laina and her BFF, and I took Mylie and her BFF... it worked out really well because sometimes the older girls get sick of the younger girls and vice versa. Evie had a nap while they were playing and I did some crafting! Used the Create a Critter Cricut cartridge to work on a birthday banner (which I will share tomorrow once I string it together) and some cupcake toppers for Ryder who is turning 4!! Here is a little sneak peek Bree!

After their playdate, the girls watched Tangled, we had leftovers for dinner and then made a trip to 7-11 for slurpees and shitzos (that's nachos and cheese to normal people. Shitzos to people like me with dysfunctional stomachs). It is times like that when I am so happy that I am an adult and am allowed to make poor choices if I want to. If my mom knew that for Sunday evening dessert we had nachos and slurpees, she would have a heart attack. 7-11 is like her worst nightmare. I don't think she has ever even BEEN in one, let alone after a Sunday dinner of leftovers!

We came home and the kids went outside with Adam to ride bikes on the street. Once they came in to change into jammies, we realized that Mylie was feverish. That is the thing about Mylie... she is so tough, and never lets on that she isn't feeling great until it becomes obvious. I just checked on her and the poor thing is sweating it out in her sleep. Hopefully she feels a bit better in the morning! Have I mentioned how tired I am of cold and flu season?!?!

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