Monday, April 25, 2011

The Chocolate Hangover

Easter Monday.... it is a good thing there was no school today, because my kids were far too hungover from consuming massive quantities of Easter candy and chocolate yesterday. From the moment they got up today, I could see it was going to be a long, long day. Evelyn followed Adam and I around shouting "uppies" with increasing volume and reaching her hands towards the sky until whichever parent she was harrassing would get tired of tripping over her and just pick her up. Mylie (our normally happy and good-natured child) cried over every small detail, and Laina giggled for 15 minutes straight for no apparent reason.

Luckily, my mother-in-law came over to play with the girls for a couple of hours giving Adam and I some much needed respite from the sugar-saturated kiddies. We chose to spend our free time with a trip to the fabric store (okay, definitely not Adam's idea, but as he said "I'll do anything that doesn't involve the kids!") as well as a quiet lunch. Don't get me wrong, we love our children but we definitely crave a little quiet time away together!

Since it was another rainy, yucky day, I was bad and didn't take any pictures. But I do have some left over from one of the egg hunts, so I will share them today instead. Hopefully back with some fresh pictures tomorrow since I have a very cute new pattern that I sewed today for Evelyn!

This is Amy, the hostess of the fun annual Easter Egg Hunt. She reads the kids a story in the garage while all the dads run around hiding the eggs for the kids to find. Here she is just done reading the story and has finished telling the kids how it is going to work. I am pretty sure from the look on her face, that someone just either said something inappropriate (probably one of my kids... they are famous for that) or asked a very assinine question (equally likely that this was one of my kids... they are noted for that too, but then what kid isn't?).

Mylie in her Missie Moosie outfit searching for eggs...

Evelyn in a little Janie and Jack "Fresh Daisies" dress and trench. After the picture above, you with think I would have realized the pictures might have looked better from the front??

And I like this picture even though it is far off and a bit blurry for two reasons. #1. Laina is running with her tongue out for some reason and #2. because the girl behind her is so into the spirit of the hunt, that she is hopping like a bunny.

Okay, I got with the program and got in front of them:

One more from later on in the day of Laina snuggling with our still unnamed new little kitty.


  1. Can I buy Mylie's outfit from you when you're done with it, or are you keeping it for Evelyn? I LOVE IT! And I love that pic of Laina and the hoppy girl, too! So cute. Great photos! I bet it was a FUN day! ♥♥

  2. What a fun egg hunt! And I love the outfits, so sweet!


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