Friday, April 29, 2011

Right at home.

Our sweet and gentle new kitten has finally become comfortable in our home, and has turned from timid into the wildest, friskiest, and at times, naughtiest kitten in the world. So basically, she fits right in with my kids. I enjoy watching her shenanigans but I hope she doesn't start wrecking things. Because that would be annoying.

This evening, Adam had his saw out and was working on some household projects. Once he put it away, the girls convinced him to let them use his sawhorses to make a fort outside. I was outside taking pictures of some pretty flowers, and Evelyn kept peeking out of the fort and yelling, "Doing, mama?" meaning "what are you doing mom?" So I took a picture of her peeking. It really isn't as cute without the sound effects, but it will have to do!

Mylie was grooming her doll while sitting on the fort:

And my pictures tonight aren't edited. Mostly out of sheer laziness, but also because of this next photo. I think it turned out perfectly. You won't often hear me patting myself on the back, but this photo is just what I wanted it to be. So yay! It is an Erythronium.

And finally, another yellow plant that is looking beautiful right now, Ranunculus (cabbage rose). These are almost done blooming and that makes me a bit sad, but knowing that it means spring is getting into full swing makes it all better!

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