Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Halter "Rumper"

I tested another pattern for Little Lizard King and this one is seriously cute (they pretty much all are, but this one was adorable enough that when Evie tried it on, Adam, Laina, Mylie and I all gathered around her and giggled about how cute she looked). It was a quick, easy and fun sew, and I can't wait to make more of them! The pattern is for a halter romper, but no matter how many times I correct them, my kids keep calling it a "rumper". And being a little bit juvenile (like Beavis and Butthead), I keep snickering in my head and thinking "hehe, she said rump".

So here she is. And for future reference, I will remember that backlit shots should not be combined with half pigtails. A messy halo it will make. I am still learning and these mistakes help me get better, right? That is what I keep telling myself anyways!

IMG_4791 copy

IMG_4779 copy

IMG_4775 copy

Doing the "flamingo"
IMG_4780 copy

IMG_4784 copy

IMG_4792 copy

IMG_4774 copy

IMG_4782 copy


  1. She looks ADORABLE! I love the fabric you picked. :) I wish Sophia had that much hair, lol! Right now she's sporting a mullet!

  2. So Cute! You should sell them because I would buy two for the girls!


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