Sunday, April 3, 2011

Discouraging Week

This has been a rough week for me with regards to my progress in photography. It was hands down, the most frustrating time I have had since I started trying to improve my skills. It probably has something to do with the fact that is was a busy week with kid's activities and such, but also because it was the first of two weeks where my courses overlap. It was overwhelming and resulted in one fairly dismal assignment which I am still beating myself up over. But oh well, tomorrow starts another week, and hopefully I can get back on track.


In other more positive news, the kids started swimming lessons today. Adam took Evelyn in the pool while the big girls were in their class and I snapped a couple of pictures of her in her adorable Gymboree bathing suit and bathing cap. She was so adorable that even a DAD came up to Adam and told him how cute Evelyn looked (at least 3 moms did as well, but it must have been stinkin' cute for a guy to notice!)

The auctions that my ebay TA Christine put up finished tonight and I was thrilled with how it went! It feels good to have shed 6 cubic feet of clothes from this house and gotten some money for them!

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