Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It was a rough day in our household today. Full of fails. First was my sewing FAIL. I tried to experiment with a pattern and make Mylie kind of a pantsuit/ romper thing. I thought it would be cute on her plump little body.

Let's just say it wasn't a good cut for her... quite short in the body, so it was low in the top and high in the crotch. Looked pretty uncomfortable actually! So if anyone has a shorter 4 year old or tall 3 year old and you dig rompers, let me know!

Now let's move on to my parenting failings. Right from the moment Evie woke up, she was a stinker. Today involved many false trips to the bathroom were she would bust into the bathroom (I say bust, because Evie never does anything slowly or quietly... she enters the room a bit like Kramer from Seinfeld) and take off all her clothes except her top, then fidget around on the toilet for about 30 seconds, then she wastes some toilet paper pretending to wipe her bum, then she makes me get her dressed again. Once she is dressed, she runs off to hide and poop and/ or pee in her pull-up. After completing that mission, she would bust back into the bathroom only to remove her clothes again and attempt to throw her poopy pull up into the toilet before I could get to her. This game was funny the first time she played it today, but after the 4th or 5th time, it was getting pretty old.

Another horrifying thing that went on with her today? She escaped from her crib for the first time. When I laid her down for her nap today, after about 5 minutes I heard a ruckus coming from her room. I peeked in, just in time to see her vaulting out of the crib. Not just politely throwing her leg over the rail and hopping out like Mylie did around this age, but actually pulling her belly up onto the rail and catapulting herself out of the crib. So yeah, there goes my peace of mind when I lay her down to sleep now.

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