Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Birds

My dad is a recently retired carpenter who is finding time weighing heavy on his hands... still, I was surprised when he showed up at my house today with tools and lumber in hand, ready to start on a project! I have been bugging him to build me a patio cover since our canvas/ metal cover broke down under the weight of the wet snow over winter, but he seemed unenthusiastic about the project. He showed up without telling me he was coming with everything all planned out and all the materials already bought. Within a couple of hours, he and Adam were done for the day (I still have to paint it and after the paint is dry, we will attach clear acrylic panels to the roof), but I am happy with the results and can't WAIT to put my patio furniture out with the cushions on and relax (who am I kidding?) out there.

We have a chickadee nest in a little birdhouse that my dad and Laina built. I sat on the kid's swingset until I caught a picture of one of the parent birds going into the house.




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