Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I am not feeling well today, think I picked up Mylie's cold and have just felt pretty awful all day. As soon as the dinner rush was over, I retired to my bedroom to lay around and feel sorry for myself so I didn't actually take any pictures today. I hoped you all would let me get away with just posting some old pictures?

A parent at Laina's school today mentioned how much she is starting to look like me and it made me think about my three kids similarities. So I dug up pictures of each of my kids around age two. The closest I could find of Laina's pictures was 2 1/2 years because I lost all my pictures off a computer that got wiped out by a virus. I did have backup copies on disks, but they are barely labelled and would have taken me forever to figure out where to look!

So here we go. First is Laina at 2 1/2 years.... tons of hair, and TALL, very similar to what Evelyn looks like now.

And here is Mylie, who was bald (well, she had hair but it was super fine and blond so you could hardly tell it was there!) until she was 18 months. When these pictures were taken at around age two, she had a bit more hair, and surprisingly, I do see quite a few similarities with the facial features of my other two. It surprised me because I always think Mylie looks so different than the other two!

And Evie, who is my most average sized child. Packed into that average sized child is the most mischievious spirit of all the kids!

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