Monday, May 16, 2011

The Grossest Thing a Child of Mine has Ever Done

I always start Mondays off with good intentions.... like I will not buy fast food this week... I will do a load of laundry a day this week... I will stick to a meal plan this week... and on it goes. Usually I have failed most of my goals by noon, but today was a good day. It was my goal to get through a mountain of clean laundry that I had piled up in a corner of our room over the last week. It spanned the 2 foot wide space between our high dresser and the wall and at it's worst, the pile was over my head (I am serious...I debated taking a picture of it so people would believe me, but then decided why would I want people to believe that I am that big of a slob??). So as of 8:30pm this evening... the mountain is completely gone. All folded, hung, or paired up and put away. And boy does that feel good! Now if only the dirty laundry hadn't piled up in the meantime... and so it begins again.

Evelyn is going through a very difficult stage right now. Fascination with the toilet and all things poopy. Yesterday I caught her picking up a cat turd out of the litter box (who knows what nefarious plans she had for it if I hadn't happened along!!!) And then later on, she did the grossest thing I think any of my children have done yet...

So let's set the scene... there is a seldom-used bathroom in our house that is just off of my sewing room. It is the closest bathroom to the kid's playroom, but it is one of those annoying toilets that the flusher only works sporadically (I know, I know, this is fixable, but we just haven't gotten around to it) so no one really uses it. I would say it gets used maybe once a week. So anyways, when Amy and her three kids came over yesterday to work on the birthday invitations that I showed off yesterday, the kids were all playing in the playroom. I knew that one of my big girls (who shall remain nameless) had used the bathroom in there because Hannon had come out asking for toilet paper for the bathroom, but I didn't think much of it. When it came time for Amy and family to leave, there was significant activity while they all got their shoes on and I forgot to watch Evie's every move. When I wondered aloud where she was, she heard her name and came trotting out of the playroom. She had a suspicious wad of wet toilet paper on her face right beside her soother. Amy looked closer at her and said, "Um, she has something all over her soother." I looked at her and saw the toilet paper and wet soother and put two and two together. I raced into the seldom-used bathroom only to confirm my worst fears... there indeed WAS a poo floating around in the toilet and the toilet paper was shredded into bits. This was done by Evelyn swirling her pacifier around in the poopy toilet water and then STICKING BACK INTO HER MOUTH. Amy and family laughed and gagged their way out the door and left me to lecture the big girls about flushing the toilet and Evelyn about not touching the toilet! If only she learned her lesson.... today she has swirled a hairbrush in toilet water AND at a different time, splashed in the toilet water with her hand. We do have those child-proof doorhandles on the bathroom doors, but the big girls go in there and then leave the door open. I guess I need to invest in one of those toilet locks or something... ugh.

One last thing... she is also going through another stage of trying not to nap. She refused to sleep when I laid her down twice today, but after the second try, I set her down on a chair where the big girls were watching TV, and this is how I found her about 10 minutes later.


  1. What goes through their minds when they do this type of thing?!? That'll be a good story to embarrass Evelyn with when she grows up!

  2. Danny is super, SUPER anti-toilet for Sophia, and I read this to him - he said, "I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit." LOL. So funny. But yes... gross! Also, I love the fact that in the pic of her asleep, she not only has her binky (that's what we call it!) in her mouth but one on her chest, too! LOL Gotta have 'em close by at all times, huh?! ♥♥


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