Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Photo Rut

I have been in such a terrible photo rut lately, I just haven't felt much like pulling out my camera! Hence the last couple of weeks worth of half-assed pictures taken just before blogging and usually consisting of pictures of my flowers or my cats. Those are things I want to remember, but they aren't very interesting, are they? I am not sure what to do to get out of my photo rut... maybe take another course? Or maybe think of some kind of themed photo shoot? I don't know, but I need to figure out something!

On another note, even though I have 3 girls, I don't save clothes to hand-down to the next child. I pretty much sell or donate all of their outgrown things, with the exception of pajamas... I have kept pretty much all of those until Evelyn is finished with them, and then they are either passed on to my niece, or thrown away. I have actually really enjoyed seeing my cute little jammied girls wearing jammies that I know Laina wore as a baby or when she was younger. So the other day, I pulled out my pajama bin and got out the size 5/6 jammies for Mylie and the size 2T jammies for Evelyn. And was so very excited to see, that they were MATCHING sets! Not just one or two pairs, but most of them! The spacing must have been just right, even though the age difference between Laina and Mylie is 3 1/2 years and the difference between Mylie and Evie is 2 1/2 years. So they wore a matched set tonight and they were pretty excited about it (and Laina was sad, but what can you do? She has finally outgrown Carters pjs!) The other amazing thing about this picture is that Mylie is touching our cat Pearl. I have spoken before I think about Mylie's dislike and/ or fear of most animals but lately, she has started to try and touch Mittens and Pearl! So I think possibly she may be outgrowing that fear! Which would be nice, because it is kind of embarrassing when people (thinking that all kids like dogs) try to show their dogs to Mylie and she says "I don't like goggies." (and no, that isn't a typo, that is what she says.)

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  1. I didn't know about Mylie's fear. Love the photo, though, with your two cuties! ♥


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