Monday, May 23, 2011


This weekend (which is just ending in Canada... we had a long weekend for Victoria Day today, I know the US one is next weekend) was just so amazing that it almost scares me. I am always afraid when something goes so well... I feel like something bad will have to happen to balance it out. I try to think positively, but it doesn't come naturally to me, I am a pessimist at heart. It wasn't that we did anything spectacular, it was just such a fun, relaxing and productive weekend, that it felt great!

We did a bunch of yardwork and gardening this weekend and I thought it would be neat for me to look back on what the garden looked like when things were just planted versus a couple of months from now when everything has grown and is in bloom! I saved the best pictures for last so try not to get bored with the flower pictures!

This will (hopefully) look very different as I seeded grass along the front of this bed this weekend.

This is just a close-up of one of my favourite trees that is just starting to flower right now.

I think I have taken pictures of this before, but I just love how this Lady's Mantle catches rain droplets and lets them just sit there! This is still sitting here from rain on Saturday.

Some planters, everything is tiny right now!

It blends in, but the Heavenly Bamboo that was in this pot died off over the winter so I replaced it with a cute topiary boxwood that Laina picked out.

And now for my sweet little flower. Evelyn was wearing this Loves Me Not top today and she got the skinny jeans she was wearing with it dirty. Since it was warm, we took the jeans off her and popped so ruffled bloomers that I sewed on her. She was having so much fun "helping" with the gardening. She kept running around taking the tags out of pots and saying "gorgous" for gorgeous.

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