Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We are gearing up for potty training Evie, and on a trip to the store today, we picked up some Dora underwear and some Princess pull-ups. Evelyn was thrilled with these, and so proud that she had to show each of her sisters in turn when they got home from school. She wasn't actually wearing them yet, just had the contents of the two packages scattered about while she admired them.

I took this picture when we first got home from the store. She had decided that since I hadn't helped her put on her new gear, she would do it herself. Fully dressed. And like this:

I probably won't really start trying to potty train until summer starts and I can be home for longer stretches of time, but it is nice to be prepared.

Some other pictures from the surprisingly nice day:

This was my first photo taken on manual focus! It's not that great... but it is a rhododendron blossom.

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  1. Love the pic of Mylie! ♥ And OMG, I can't even *think* about PTing Sophia yet. LOL. Too early, too early!


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