Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a beautiful day

After what seems like months of bad and rainy weather, we had a gorgeous sunny and warm day today. It was wonderful to break out some summery clothes for the girls and get outside to spend time in the garden. I also finished up painting the new patio cover and while I was doing that, I was just idly listening to the girls chatter and I could hear Laina explaining a bee sting to Evelyn. Laina would sweetly ask her a question and Evelyn would answer "Oh yeah" which is her favourite phrase right now. But then I actually looked up and saw them and it just melted my heart.

I quickly tiptoed inside so as not to disturb them in their cuddle and grabbed my camera. I was just getting set up to take the picture when I saw Laina lean in for a kiss and I snapped the picture before I was happy with the exposure because I didn't want to miss the moment. Laina's face and arm are overexposed beyond fixing in photoshop but them moment was still worth capturing and sharing.

She was cradling her almost 2 year old sister and gently explaining things to her. It was just so darn sweet! I love these girls of mine....

And this girl of mine too... she was soaking up the sun and pretending to be a fluffy white flower. For the most part she had accepted our new kitten Mittens into her life without too much fuss. Right from the night Badger died, Pearl would wander the house at night yowling (which became very annoying, very fast because she has gone deaf over the last year or so and she can't hear what a loud volume she is meowing at). But now that Mittens is here, she has stopped yowling at night, so I guess she was just feeling lonely!

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