Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun Projects

I didn't do these all today; I just either finished them today or finally photographed them today. I swear, I paid attention to my family and didn't craft all day!

First, if you live in BC (or even probably in Canada) you probably know what these colours are for... this is just a sneak peak, I will hopefully have modelled pictures tomorrow!

Next is a little project that I found here
. It was a fun project to make tiered treat stands, but I had to get Adam to drill the holes for me and cut the threaded rod (so basically Adam did this for me!) but total cost of each of these stands was less than $5! And they are pretty cute for $5! I will be using them for some upcoming parties.

And finally, I tried out a new SVG file set with my Cricut to make Mylie's teacher a card since she starts her maternity leave after the next class. It is called a waterfall card and the files and a tutorial can be found here.

Basically, when you pull the tab on the right side, it makes the letters fold back and reveal the letter beneath. So cute! I took a couple pics if you can't visualize what I mean.

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