Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy busy day

Back to school day and Laina did NOT want to go. She begged for just one more week off, but being the mean mommy that I am, I forced her to go. I had flashbacks to her kindergarten year when she would beg not to go to school everyday. It is heartbreaking to see your child hate school as much as she did that first year, and I am very happy that the decision we made to switch her out of that school and into French Immersion had such a happy ending for her. Aside from today, she has looked forward to each day with eagerness and loves the whole experience of it.

After school, Mylie had another private swimming lesson in an attempt to get one last skill passed on her report card before she moved on to the next level starting this Sunday. Unfortunately, she couldn't complete it, and I had to withdraw her from that class and she will keep doing private lessons while Laina goes into a group class. None of my kids so far have really taken to the water, but luckily with time, Laina has become quite comfortable in it... hopefully Mylie will too.

From swimming, it was a quick stop home for some dinner and then off to Laina's last jazz practice before competition on Thursday. Then the homework and bedtime routines... needless to say, I didn't take many pictures today, and only snuck outside for a few moments to take some flower pictures for my daily project.

Nothing too interesting, but some tulips beginning to bloom! The more flowers that come out, the happier I get!

IMG_3577 copy


  1. What level is Mylie in? Ben did not like the water for a long time, I have had him in lessons none stop since September and he now LOVES swimming. It took a while. He has been slow to pass levels, he will take the same class 2 and 3 times but now he is starting to catch on. Private lessons are a good idea, I never eventhought of that!

  2. Pretty picture!

    My kids start swim lessons in 2 weeks. My son has gone for awhile and loves it. We'll see how my daughter does...

  3. Terra, she is in the second level of the preschool set. Sea Urchins I think it is called. She just needs to conquer the front float to move on... I wouldn't have done the private lessons, but all the regular ones were sold out :( And it seems silly to register her for a whole set just to do one skill... I will keep her in lessons from now until the end of the summer... hopefully she will catch on soon!


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