Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ruffler Foot

I know, I know... inspired name for my post. Unexcusable since I am actually very inspired today. My new photography course is doing that for me... inspiring me that is. Unfortunately not inspiring enough to get me to take a couple of decent pictures today. I was way too busy for that. But hopefully since it was the last official skating lesson, my Tuesdays will become a bit easier after this.

I did however start sewing what is perhaps the cutest thing I have ever made. And I didn't use a pattern! It isn't done yet, but I knew if I was going to get my blog in for the day, I needed to stop sewing.

So here it is, the beginnings of another apron.

But this apron has a place in a photograph I hope to take in the near future :) More on that to come.

And as for the ruffler foot? It is this guy:

which is the scariest thing I have used while sewing; at least since I first tried out my serger. I have had this bad boy for a couple of months now and have been meaning to try it out, but finally tonight gave it a shot when I had this vision of an apron that was trying to take shape. It made the ruffles super even and lovely. Anyways, enough rambling, I am off to bed! Can't wait to share some exciting news with all of you... but can't just yet (and NO, I am NOT pregnant again!!)

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  1. That thing looks like a scary piece of dental equipment. So glad it gave you beautiful ruffles, which in turn helped give you beautiful pictures of your beautiful girl. Aww.


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