Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 65: March 4

First I will start off with a picture which explains why I found it difficult to come up with a blog post tonight.

A friend suggested that I do my favo(u)rites... I write it that way because in Canada, we spell lots of words with an extra u. Seriously, we do. So favourite, colour, harbour... you get the picture.

I worked for a Canadian company that sold car parts online to mostly American customers. When customers would call our customer service line, we were supposed to pretend like we were American... we weren't supposed to lie... so if a customer asked, we would tell them we were located in Canada, but we were supposed to tone down our Canadian-ness I guess. If we gave out a tracking number, we would say "zee" for z, instead of the Canadian "zed" for z. If we wrote an email, it would say the "u"-less equivalent of words... favorite instead of favourite. So anyways, I am rambling... I have gone off on a Canadian vs American tangent. I could go on for hours... there are so many things we call different names, I just find it fascinating!

I never did tell you my favo(u)rites... maybe I will leave that for a different night now!


  1. Oh, so funny! LOL! So true - I am a Canadian, too :) I'm one of your newest followers :)

  2. Zed? I had no idea. So if I asked you how to spell Zaida's name, you'd say Zed-A-I-D-A? Really? That's trippy!


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