Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Spa

Tomorrow morning, my three kids are going to play with grandma while I go to the spa/ salon to get my hair done! Woohoo, prematurely gray hair be gone! Three hours of time in a beautiful, peaceful environment that smells nice and serves me chilled water with crushed strawberries in it. Trashy magazines and scalp massages... mmmmm...can't wait! But that reminds me... they may not be pleased to see me...

On Tuesday, I took the kids to the mall to pick up a few things and while I was there, I decided to stop in at the aforementioned spa/ salon to make my hair appointment and get my eyebrows waxed. I knew it wasn't a great idea. Taking all three kids to crowd into a small room while I laid prone on a cushy table getting hot wax poured on my face, unable to react to any of the kid's shenanigans.... Well, it seemed like a bit of a gamble but I decided to do it anyways.

I knew I was in for some trouble while we waited in the waiting area for my turn and Evelyn decided to shout an incoherent word over and over. When the esthetician came out to get me, she balked at the whole crew assembled with me. "I don't think they will all fit in the room with the stroller too." she said. Since the waiting room was behind closed doors and was guarded by two ladies at the appointment desk on the other side of the closed door, I asked Laina and Mylie to wait in the waiting area while I strolled Evelyn in with me. Laina readily agreed to this since she is always looking at little ways to assert her independence.

I went down a long hallway of closed doors to a little room at the end, and the eyebrow waxing commenced. The conversation was stilted as I could tell the esthetician disapproved of my large brood of children and my overly bushy eyebrows. "When was the last time you had these done? You really need to maintain the shape a bit better!" she scolded me. (In my defence, it had only been a month... I was born with a unibrow, and it continues to try and reclaim it's lost ground... last time I went to get them done, the girl asked me what my ethnic background was to have such stubborn hairs... it's true, she really did!). Anyways, the uncomfortable conversation was soon broken up by the sound of the door opening slightly, and my two big girls giggling outside it. From my laying down position, I barked out, "What are you doing? You were supposed to wait in the waiting room, how did you find me?"

The esthetician paled as the realization dawned on her that my kids had just made their way down that long hallway, opening each door as they went and peeking in, looking for mommy. She said, "Girls, you didn't open the doors did you?" "Hehehehe, yep, and we found you!" Mylie sang out. After that, the conversation went from stilted to silent. Every now and then, she would burst out with a little scolding aimed at Mylie and Laina but they were oblivious. I kept picturing them opening doors and finding.... well anything! People getting a bikini wax.... a massage... basically anything in various stages of undress.

I left her a healthy tip despite her obvious hatred of children (or maybe just my children) and scuttled out of there as fast as I could, hoping not to be berated by angry, semi-naked patrons on my way out. So at least this time I won't be taking my rowdy kids when I go to get my hair done.

So for the pictures of the day... kids at the park:

and kids jumping off rocks on our dusky walk home from visiting grandma, aunty and cousin.

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  1. Hilarious! I can only imagine the horror. Let's hope no one was getting a Brazilian! :o/


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