Sunday, March 20, 2011

In a reversal of roles today, Adam stayed home with the kids and I went out for a few hours! Actually that is exaggerating it a bit... I dropped Laina and Mylie off at their friend's house for a playdate and Adam stayed at home with Evelyn. I went to a family ladies lunch out at a cafe/ bakery for some yummy food and cupcakes. When I returned home, Adam had cleaned most of the house and washed the floors!

At first, I was pretty happy about the clean and organzied state of our house. But I quickly realized that there was a price to pay as Adam followed the kids and I around; barking out commands to clean up after ourselves everytime we moved. For those of you who don't know my husband, he is the kindest, most mild-mannered person you will ever come across. That is, until he becomes Mr. Mom. If I clean the house, it is fair game to destroy immediately by leaving dirty cups, dishes and socks laying around. But if HE cleans the house, you had better believe that he will make sure that we don't dare mess it up! The double standard amuses me, but I know once he leaves for work tomorrow morning, the house will return to it's normal state.

Here is one thing he forgot to clean... the patio sliding glass door that I took a photo of Pearl meowing through.

In an effort to preserve the tidiness of the house, we went for a walk to the park that included a stop at my mom's house where I photographed her crocuses.

And I think we might be in for a long night... Evelyn was feverish before bed and I think she has come down with the flu/ cold bug that the big girls just had... more sick kids!

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