Saturday, March 19, 2011


Adam and I were lucky enough to have a day off from parenting courtesy of my in-laws. Also thanks to them, we have a new kitchen table and chairs! We dropped the kids off at their house around 9 am and loaded up the new-to-us table and chairs before heading off for some shopping and then lunch out (why does food taste so much better when it is eaten without kids clamouring for one thing or another?). Then we stopped at the garden centre and finally picked up some spring flowers! We spent the afternoon cleaning up the backyard before picking up the tired and still-sick little girlies.

Now that you have been fortunate enough to have had a detailed run down on my day (lol, I am sure it was gripping reading!), here are some pictures.

My new flowers in my old planters... I will switch them up again around May when summer flowers come out. It makes me RIDICULOUSLY happy to see colour in my back yard again!

And my Evie, because I can't resist her big blue eyes.


  1. Oh I ♥ LOVE ♥ color in my backyard too (okay, or 'colour' as you say it, hehe). The flowers are lovely. Congrats on the new-to-you dining room table and chairs! What'd you do with the old one?

  2. Your so lucky! We had more snow last's going to be a while before I get any colour in my yard! Jealous!


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