Monday, March 21, 2011

Lazy Day

It was mostly a lazy day around here... trying to get the little ones to rest up and feel better so we can get around to enjoying spring break. I find that everytime Laina has time off of school, it is like there is a learning curve where she and Mylie have to figure out how to get along all over again. I mean, mostly they play well together but man, can those kids fight! They go at it like two little wrestlers, and the funny thing is, oftentimes, Laina is no match for Mylie!

It rained for a good portion of the day and Evelyn stood at the sliding glass window staring longingly out at the backyard and saying, "Ow-side, ow-side" (her favourite new word). Finally the rain stopped and we got to go out and play, first in our backyard, and then across the street with the neighbor boys. I haven't mentioned them yet, but they are my girls constant companions in the spring and summer months.

Here is Evie sniffing our flowers... or maybe I should say, snorting AT our flowers. She leans over to sniff, and blows air out through her nose (instead of breathing in) and makes a snorting sounds. It is hilarious! She looks and sounds like a little pig rooting around.


  1. Can I just say that I LOVE her hat?!

  2. Thanks! Good old Gymboree :) Imaginary Friends, one of my all time favourite lines!


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