Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Twas the night before competition...

... and all through the house, mama was scurrying around because I left all the preparations to the last minute. I haven't been able to find either girl's jazz shoes all week (found them a couple of hours ago after much searching), realized I should have bought a new hairpiece for Mylie (whose hair is darkening by the day... hurry up bleaching sunshine!) and that Laina's tights have a hole in them. After much running around, we are set for tomorrow. Now I just need to wake up at 5am tomorrow morning and get two little girlies into full makeup, hair and costume and have them at the venue (not in our city!) by 8am. Should be fun, right?

Right! I am super excited. I just hope all goes well!

Today Laina's dance teacher kindly posed for me for a photography assignment. I did my first black and whites and I quite like how they turned out (but what do I know?)

Just for the record too, she is a mama of a 2 year old! Am I jealous or what??

Perfect B&W5

Perfect B&W4

Perfect B&W3

Perfect B&W2

Perfect B&W1

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