Saturday, March 26, 2011

More of the same

We went for a walk at our favourite park today, so there will be more of the same with regards to pictures... you know, chickadees, ducks and squirrels, that type of thing.

Laina was grumpy because the chickadees weren't hungry at first. She is a real chickadee hog, and she gets mad when anyone else gets a chickadee on their hand. So she ran up ahead and sat on a stump. We laughed at her grumpy face and Adam said she looked like a gargoyle perched up there. So Mylie decided to hop up and be a gargoyle too. It made Laina even madder.

This cheeky little guy just could not get enough of having his picture taken. He let me get closer and closer and even changed up his poses for me.

She was happy by this point because the chickadees were coming to her again.

I got a chickadee this time!

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