Friday, March 25, 2011

A weird picture

I didn't take any pictures today during the daylight hours, which is very odd for me! I had to do my daily shooting inside and for lack of a better thing to photograph, my Easter display on my buffet/ hutch was my subject tonight. And since most of them had a weird custom white balance issue, all you get is one strange picture.

043 copy

This is my crooked cake plate with our collection of wind-up easter toys. Every year it seems to grow, but it started out with just one, a little fluffy yellow chick that Laina dubbed "Peep-peep" when she was not yet 1. Peep-peep has since gone to the place where all good toys go (after they have been stepped on and maimed beyond repair) but the rest of the collection flourishes. On Easter morning, we all get to pick our toy and we set up a course for a race. Then we wind them up, and on your marks, get set, go! Much hilarity ensues since most of them bounce in little hopping circles, while some of them jump so wildly that they end up falling over with their little legs still hopping in the air. Inevitably, one does make it to the end, and the winner gets to do a victory dance. Everyone makes a mental note of which wind-up toy is the best bet for next year, but no one ends up remembering.

It has been an anxious day for me, and it is shaping up to be an anxious night. Hoping for better mental health tomorrow!

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