Friday, March 18, 2011

Let spring break begin!

So the kids are officially on spring break... but unofficially they started yesterday since they both stayed home from school yesterday and today. I have sick kids.... AGAIN! Seems like they are always sick! So far it is just the two big ones and it is a flu/ coldish kind of thing... you know, the chills, aches, sore throats, headaches and general whininess (is that a word?). It was a nice mild day outside so we went out to do some yard work, but mostly the kids just whined at me and asked me to bring out large toys like the power wheels jeep only to abandon them a moment later in favour of some other large object.

Here is Evie trying to ride a scooter (that has definitely seen better days after belonging to two other children). And I have to laugh at this next bit and hope it helps me to gain some perspective. When you get caught up in the world of kid's clothing (and such a world does exist! If you don't believe me, just google Gymboree forum... there are at least 5 forums dedicated to children's clothing that I can think of off the top of my head and they have upwards of 40,000 members on some of them!), sometimes you forget that just because all of these clothes-obsessed people on the forums know what your kid is wearing, it doesn't mean anything to the average person on the street! So Evelyn was wearing a Matilda Jane outfit today... it was 3 pieces, a shirt, dress and leggings, and maybe a bit over the top. But it retailed for around $110 new (I bought it used in my defense). So my mom comes over and takes one look at Evelyn and says, "what are you wearing kid?". And I said, "Matilda Jane, what's wrong with it?" And she said, "It looks like you dressed her from the rag bag!" So I guess to the average person, maybe she does look like she is dressed in rags! It probably didn't help that she had messy hair and felts all over her hands...

And here is my sick Mylie... doesn't she look pathetic? With her rosy cheeks and her gawking mouth... and the hole in the toe of her Uggs. Why does every single pair of Uggs that Laina has worn get a hole in the toe? Is this a structural problem? Or does she have some kind of mutantly strong toe?? Has this happened to others?

PS. at one point I busted Evelyn crawling on her hands and knees through the dirt in my garden in said outfit. Serves me right I guess! She is going to TREAT it like rags!

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  1. Definitely not the rag bag. Laughing at your mom calling Evelyn "kid" though - so cute. And honestly even though Mylie looks sick, she looks like she could be a model, too. :) Your kids are BEAUTIFUL. ♥♥ Just like their momma.


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