Saturday, June 18, 2011

I am so boring lately, I really have nothing better to say than "It was a busy day" And it was... again. But it was a fun and different than usual day that saw me alone with Evie for most of the day while the two big girls went to the aquarium with my in-laws and Adam worked. Once they all returned, I left to go to my friend Amy's house to paint party props! No pictures of those yet, but I promise, they will be coming soon!

Just a picture of Evie in kitty heaven today. She absolutely loved this. She was sitting on the ground in the kitchen while I washed dishes and I handed her the cat treats so that she could give a couple to Pearl. Well she started shaking the whole bag onto the floor and at the sound of the bag, Mittens came running too. She was squealing and giggling with both cats in such close promixity to her. So cute!

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