Monday, June 6, 2011

Polka Dots

I entitled this polka dots for two reasons. Number 1 reason is because Laina is covered in polka dots. She has suspicious itchy spots all over her body and I fear it could be chicken pox as a boy from her class is out of school with them right now. But I have been fooled before... she has very sensitive skin and is always coming down with some rash or another... I guess only time will tell! I'll keep you updated! My other two kids are vaccinated for the chicken pox, but not Laina...

Reason number 2 is because of my current sewing project that is about 95% complete. I just need to hem it and then get Evie to model it for pictures. It is absolutely adorable, although I think I fall in love with everything I sew just a little bit... It never ceases to amaze me that I can actually sew. I know that sounds like I am patting myself on the back, and maybe I am just a little bit. But it is more that I am just proud to have picked up a skill like sewing after not knowing how for 25+ years.

A little peak at the wildness of prints that is my newest project!

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  1. Those prints are gorgeous together! And it is totally ok to pat yourself on the back for a cool skill/hobby like sewing. Any time you create something you deserve a pat on the back!


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