Wednesday, June 15, 2011


That is really all I can say is wow. What a day! I just have to say how disgusted I am with what is going on tonight as a result of the loss by the Vancouver Canucks of game 7 in the Stanley Cup. Of course it was disappointing... but seriously the rioting? Ridiculous! How humiliating for our beautiful city to be shown in this light in the media as a result of a bunch of idiots.

Closer to home today, we had a neighbor's dog bust loose from her pen several times and come over for a visit. Which would have been nice if I didn't have two kids who are frightened of dogs! So I had to carry Mylie and Evie whilst trying to capture the cavorting doggy. That was fun.

A little later, Evie fell off of our swingset and laid injured on the ground screaming. She is a tough little cookie and usually rebounds quickly for falls, but she was just not boucing back from this fall. She was clutching her arm and crying and if she tried to put weight on it she would screaming "owie". After driving around and trying unsuccessfully to find someone to take a look at her arm, she was seeming to be feeling better so I just left and brought her home. I am going to keep my eye on it, but it seems to just be injured but not too seriously, but still, a very stressful afternoon!

Then while we were eating dinner we had another animal visitor.

This was on our back step peeking in our sliding glass window:

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