Sunday, June 26, 2011


Adam was working today so I had to think up lots of things to keep us busy so we wouldn't miss him (we did miss him anyways). We went to a kids swap meet where (surprise, surprise) I bought some clothes and the girls bought some toys and books. Then we went out for muffins before we went for a long walk at our favourite nature park.

My pictures are fairly typical, but I don't love them any less...

Actually this one isn't all that typical... Mylie rarely gets to hand feed a chickadee... it is usually Laina that does it... but here is Mylie.

For this one, I laid on my tummy on the boardwalk to get down to the squirrel's mom stage-whispered at me "Get up, someone is coming and you are making yourself ridiculous!"

And this one makes me melt a bit... Evie can't hold her bottle with her cast on, so she wanted to lay down in my arms and have me feed it to her, it was like she was a tiny baby again!

Oh and you can probably tell from that picture that I got my hair cut (8 whole inches off!)


  1. I love the squirrel picture. I can just imagine mom saying that! That's a cute picture of you feeding Evie the bottle. Take it from me though, it will probably get old fast!

  2. Very cute hair!!! I love it!

  3. Hey! This is Aelaine from GF's. :) I'm your photography star pupil, lol! I LOVE your hair cut! You're simply gorgeous!


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