Friday, June 10, 2011


It has been a long day and a long week and I am sure it will be a long weekend.

Sometimes I just stop and question myself as a parent. Like when my kids make poor decisions, I just wonder if it is my fault? If I failed to teach them some important thing that would have helped them to make a better decision? As my kids get older, I am just confronted more often with their flaws... like when Laina was a baby and a toddler, it was all new to me, and I thought everything she did and said was adorable (even if she was being a stinker). But as I become more seasoned as a parent, their foibles are less "cute" to me and more of a concern. I don't love them any less, just get disappointed when they aren't all that I had hoped I would teach them to be.

For my pictures tonight, here is Evelyn watering some plants with me. She really enjoyed helping me :)

IMG_5725 copy

IMG_5715 copy

IMG_5730 copy


Tomorrow is Laina's dance recital day, should be a busy and stressful day, but hopefully an enjoyable one too.

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  1. Wait til they're 15. You will scrutinize their every move and wonder WTH they're thinking. This stuff you're going thru right now, it's the easy stuff... even if it seems like the hard stuff. You're a wonderful mommy. ♥ And I love Evelyn's dress. It's SO cute. I have a thing for umbrellas! And birdies. So glad she was such a good helper for ya. xoxo Have a great weekend!


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