Monday, June 13, 2011

Recital Day #2

Luckily I learned my lesson (see previous post) and organized everything I would need the night before recital day #2. Mylie's routine and her finale were on the second day and she was excited to be spending the day with just her dad and I while my mother-in-law watched Laina and Evie. Mylie's class was as adorable as always... as soon as they took to the stage (I was backstage as the helper mom) I could hear an audible "Awwwwww" out in the audience for the tinest members of the dance studio. There were some rough spots in their routine, but Mylie managed to perform most of the dance without too much trouble.

Backstage for the finale, the teachers suggested I hold hands with the four little girls and when the curtain went down, I should run them onto the stage and sit them in the middle of the stage while all of the older girls ran on to get in their places. I was told I would have about 8 seconds to do this and then run off the other side of the stage before the curtains opened. Well of course 2 of the girls let go of my hand at the critical moment and were left behind as I hurried the other two to their places. I tried to run back and get them but I could hear the teachers hissing "Get off the stage Julie" so I ran as fast as I could because there was no way I wanted to be standing there in the middle of the stage when the curtain opened!!!

When we got home, the girls wanted to play with our power wheels jeep that Adam had dug out of the shed and charged the battery for. I don't think it had been out of the shed in two years so it was like a new toy to them. Now I am probably going to get the "bad parent of the year" award here, but we hitched up the trailer and let them go for a little ride around the block (with both of us VERY close to the baby at all time, lol! Oh and Mylie still had some eye makeup on, that is why she looks weird)

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  1. I love these pics! So cute! Looks like they're having fun! And I love that you used the word "hiss." It's such an expressive word! :D


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