Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The kids were buzzing with excitement all day because we had a playdate planned for afterschool with some friends that we haven't seen in awhile. Evelyn refused to take a nap and just kept repeating the friend's names over and over again; I think she was trying to tell me that she was afraid to go to sleep in case she missed their visit! I had to turn on some music and dance and rock her until she got sleepy enough to allow me to lay her down and then I had to get into bed with her and snuggle until she fell asleep. It sounds like I am complaining but really I enjoyed every moment of it! The playdate was a great success and we will try to make sure it doesn't go so long without a visit again!

Today's picture is the sea of cupcakes I am swimming in at the moment; Mylie's last day of 3-year old preschool is tomorrow and it is their "sports day". Sounds like it is supposed to rain though.... come on now!!! It is the third day of summer, it isn't still supposed to be raining!!

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