Monday, February 28, 2011

A big weight off my shoulders....

The tutus are done! The tutus are done! I may never tie another tutu again, but they are complete! So that is a big weight off my shoulders... well maybe not off my shoulders, but now I feel like I have given myself permission to sew for my own pleasure again. Which is good.

I took a few pictures of the girls today and I was in love with little Evelyn's outfit.... it was a cute little red trench coat and beret from Janie and Jack's Strawberry Sweet line. I even got a gorgeous picture of Laina who seldom cooperates. So I happily posted a picture on facebook. And then an often socially-inappropriate friend (you know who you are....) totally ruined the outfit for me. I will tell you what she said AFTER you admire my little sweeties...

Cute, right?

Okay, if you are squeamish, avert your eyes... this friend asked where she could get a used tampon outfit. About my sweet baby girl. And now I will probably never put that on her again, because I will forever think of it as the used tampon outfit!

And no, my socially-inappropriate friend, you have not offended me... merely ruined a perfectly adorable outfit for me!! Lol!


  1. Heck, I'll take the outfit! I think it's adorable, used tampon looking and all ;)

  2. I think its a beautiful outfit too and I'm pretty much speechless about the tampon comment.


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