Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Family

Just some random pictures today of my family that I have taken over the last week... I had a super boring day fulfilling the remainder of my ice show costume coordinator responsibilities, followed by a nice relaxing meal at my in-laws house, so I don't have much interesting to say tonight!

Adam... from the child-free day we had on Wednesday...He goes back to work on Monday after being off for 5 weeks since his surgery. I will miss having him help me out errm, I mean, I will miss his presence at home all the time!

Me... I know this looks like I may have been performing a song and dance, but in actuality, I was just stumbling as I tried to step out of the boat on the grass. And since I have mentioned before how much I enjoy seeing a good fall, I thought you all might enjoy seeing me stumble. Serves me right for wearing heels on a muddy day.

Okay, and this one.... well, it is completely random, just some houses I thought were neat!

This is the look Laina gives me when I tell her to do something.

Completely blank. Like I am speaking a different language. Also, a side note, this is one of the Peekaboo Beans outfits I bought at the wonderful sale I talked about here.


Also Evie, after she destroyed a chocolate cupcake for dessert. I am pretty sure at least half of the cupcake was used to bathe her face.

And finally Mylie... the most amazing sleeper in the world. Right from the start, you tell this kid, "Go to sleep!" and it is like a light switches off. She goes from chatty to zonked out, in two seconds flat. This time she fell asleep sitting up while listening to stories.

Oh, ok, I can't resist... I haven't wasted enough of your time yet. Here is one just cause I like it. Laina reading in bed. I am THRILLED to pieces that she has finally taken a liking to reading. It is a real testament to the wonderful teachers she has this year... not only have they taught her to love reading in french, but they have given her a real love of all books. Yay!

And that is it! Good night!


  1. That picture of Mylie sleeping is priceless and I love the picture of Laina reading. Does she prefer to read in English or French? Evelyn definitely enjoys her cupcakes!

  2. Definitely in english! She can polish off a whole chapter book in one sitting these days! And yes, just wait, Jazzy will get a face like that on her birthday I bet!


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