Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Darn Internet!

This is going to be super short because my internet connection went down on my laptop while I was in the middle of uploading my photos for this blog post and now I can't get it back up and running again! So I had to haul my lazy butt out of bed and come to the desktop computer and all I can think about it climbing back into bed (I think I have mentioned before how much I love my bed and sleeping?).

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the University that I did my Associate degree at (and most of a Bachelor's degree) to see about going back to school and finishing off my Bachelor's! Exciting and scary at the same time... I will probably offically be the old lady in my classes... you know the one... who sits up at the very front of the classroom and talks way too much about life experiences as a learning tool?

Anyways this is getting long... hubby and I had a wonderful kid-free day together while one was in school, and the other two went to my parent's house. It was the best. day. ever. We went to a super fun warehouse sale of cute kids clothes (peekaboo beans) where I got $800 retail value worth of adorable clothes (20 pieces) for $175 ish (an obsession of mine... adding up the retail value of clothes that I got on sale... gives me a head rush). Then we adjourned to a cool seaside historic fishing village where we had (an uninterrupted!!!!) lunch, then I took pictures that I will share tomorrow when I have my internet connection back.

Here is one for now, mental note to self, time to put Christmas-like jacket away for the year.

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