Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Capturing Motion

I wish I had something interesting to post tonight, I have been horribly boring lately, but I am just so exhausted. It was our busy day today with lots of activities packed in, but not a lot of sleep was had last night.

I typed out a long post about death and my beliefs and then decided it was just too personal. So instead, I will just say that I am grieving. I know she was just a cat, but to me, she was a member of our family. And I miss her already.

I have been playing around with my new camera, trying out different setting to do with motion. And how you can use shutter speed to either stop motion or to show motion. These aren't great pictures, I was just practicing showing motion with a slow shutter speed while the girls were skating tonight.

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  1. I'm so sorry again about your cat. Hoping the pain fades soon but the memories don't. I didn't know your girls skated; that's cool!


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