Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Hate

Not feeling too wordy today, to mix things up, I am going to post my loves and hates of the day.

LOVE: the fact that I made Adam's lunch for the second day in a row (this never happens... I usually make him put together his own lunch, and instead of doing that he buys fast food. Sometimes to make me feel guilty, he tells me "So-and-so's wife makes his lunch everyday... actually I am the only one whose wife DOESN'T make their lunch" pout)

HATE: that all three of my kid's are sick with nasty coughs and colds AGAIN

LOVE: that my photography teacher used one of my photo's in her blog about the wrap up of our class!

HATE: that when I tried to drop a sick Laina off at school this morning, the kid in the van in front of me hopped out and vomitted all over the ground in front of my emetophobic eyes.

LOVE: that Adam brought me home a new Macro lens on his lunch break, just because! (basically Macro means up close... see the rain drop on my snowdrop?)

HATE: the fact that I am coming down with the kid's cold!

LOVE: that Adam brought me home a new pair of Lululemon Cuddle Up Pants
after work. When pressed about why all the gifts, he said, "It's Valentine's week, I just wanted to"

And I think that is it! And yeah, I do realize that was pretty wordy after all. Roll on the pictures!

"How princesses garden"

"Please excuse my snotty nose"

"Why shouldn't I sit down on a pile of dirt in my tutu and HTF Janie and Jack footless tights?"


  1. Which picture did your instructor use? Was it the one at the beach? Packing lunches for husbands...don't even get me started on this topic. I hate doing it so much and I always get the pout if I don't have time to do it. I'm surprised that Adam was supporting the wearing of sweatpants, but I guess those are nice ones, not frumpy ones. I hope the girls get better soon! Mylie looks so sad in her pictures:(

  2. The one of Laina with the chickadee in her hand with the fluttering wing... in the post below this called Excited, I posted a link to the teacher's blog.

  3. I am a fellow GF. I am loving your blog. Keep up the good work.



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