Monday, February 14, 2011

I Don't Live in an Igloo

I have always bristled a bit at the misconception that Canadians live in igloos and have snow most of the year, and that it is very cold and dark here. I beg to differ. I think that I live in one of the most beautiful, scenic and mild-mannered and weathered places in the world. I always wondered how these rumors of our drastic weather came about.

Well now I know at least part of the reason.

Laina's home reading tonight from school was entitled "Viens voir mon école" which means "come see my school". It looks at the school situations in a whole bunch of countries... the US, Australia, Afghanistan, Ghana, Japan and Canada, among others.

So let me show you the section on Canada.

Now let me translate a few choice bits for those of you who don't read french. I will put my translation in italics.

"Chez lui, l'hiver dure du mois d'octobre au mois de mai." Where he lives, winter lasts from the month of October to the month of May.
Ummmm, no. It is February and I have spring bulbs flowering in my garden and buds on the trees. Also, at the end of October, I wore a tutu and a t-shirt and tights around the block for Halloween. Enough said!

"Il tombe beaucoup de neige." A lot of snow falls.
Nope, not where I live at least! I think I have seen snow maybe 5 days in the last year?

And then there is the diagram, where it says, "Parfois, les élèves vont à l'école en motoneige." Sometimes, the students go to school on a snowmobile. Oh come on! I don't even know a single person who owns a snowmobile!

So I guess this is how these dumb myths are born. And I do realize that the book is talking about Iqaluit, Canada, but seriously, the book could have picked a city that was a bit more representative of Canada as a whole... not just show a tiny city in the least populated territory in Canada (for the record, the entire population of the territory of Nunavut is much, much smaller than the population of the city I live in!), and act like it is representative of the whole country!

Anyhow, enough ranting... if you don't live in Canada, just keep visiting my blog, I hope to show at least of bit of it's beauty in my photos before this year is out!.

Switching gears, I turned in another 10 tutus today... here, I model them on my arm.

They are black and white striped, and quite cool, if I do say so myself! Great design Miss T!


  1. I'm hoping that this book is written in Canada for Canadian students and maybe they want the students to learn about the differences between their school and school life in Iqualuit. If the book is sold in other countries, that is absolutely ridiculous and completely unrepresentative of Canada!

  2. Wow! That reminds me years ago when I worked in Money Mart and we would get Americans coming in from the airport to exchange money and that would ask if they would see moose in the streets or where they could go to see igloos. Not so much in Vancouver, but come to where I live now and igloo builing is a science project for the grade 8's as we still have 3 feet of snow here! I miss Vancouver!

  3. Beautiful tutus bu the way! Your very talented!

  4. Hi Julie, Point taken. Of course this is winter in most of Canada.

    If you want my many cones of coloured thread, and other sewing stuff, please phone me at 859 9456.

    Great Aunt Dorothy


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