Friday, February 4, 2011

Ring around the Rosy

We had guests over for dinner tonight that we hadn't seen for quite awhile and boy did the kids have a great time! Between the two couples, we have 6 kids and they managed to engage in the noisiest and most rambunctious game of ring around the rosy that I have EVER heard. Such a cute game, because these little boys and girls from ages 17 months up to 7 years were all having a blast!

Here are some pictures from their fun... Actually first I will start with some pictures from earlier.

DaredEvelyn at her best. I went to pick Laina up from school and Adam was doing some vacuuming the girl's bedroom. I walked in the door with Laina and this is what we found.

(And as always, please excuse my kitchen... it is in the beginning stages of a much needed remodelling)

Here she claps herself on. Very proud. She pushed a kid's table up beside the printer cart, then climbed on the printer, then up onto the counter. She then started rearranging the plates in the cupboard.

Back to the fun playdate. Evelyn shows one of the (cutest) twins (ever) where we keep the "nummy-nums" (her words, not mine).

Here are the adorable little girlies in their matching Gymboree:

I did a custom white balance for this picture but then I moved too much from the light and this turned out very blue, but aren't her eyes just gorgeous?

Wish I could have gotten more pics of them all together, but there was just so many of them all running around, it was overwhelming! But it was great to see them and wish we didn't live so far apart!

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