Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cooking & Cleaning

Not a terribly interesting day... but satisfying none the less. I have been feeling like my house could use a lot more organization and decluttering. I would love for some HGTV show to come and finish all the renovations on our house and/ or clean and declutter it. It is an older house... a fixer upper and it seriously lacks storage space. So whatever storage I do have is jam packed with household crap. I am not even a hoarder. I donate and sell bags and bags of items every month! But I can never seem to get a handle on it.

So I figured I would start small. I went to Walmart and invested in some small storage containers and dividers in order to attack my baking cupboard. Here is the before (and this really doesn't do it justice because you can't see the depth of the mess. Let's just say that opening this cupboard was like asking for an avalanche of baking goods to come crashing down on your head.)

And the after:

Seeing and sorting all of my cute cupcake wrappers and decorating stuff made me feel like making mini cupcakes for dessert. I also thought I would try to find something to make ladybug cupcake toppers for my niece's 1rst birthday that is coming up. Warning, you will probably be seeing lots of ladybug stuff in the near future from me!

I used my Cricut Expression and Sure Cuts A Lot2 plus some free SVG files that I found on the internet to make cardstock ladybugs. I would resize them next time as these look way too big on a mini cupcake. My icing was too runny (although it still tasted great!) and the toppers were a flop, so these aren't beautiful. But since I was taking pictures anyways, I practiced playing around with my white balance.

Picture taken on automatic white balance:

Picture taken with custom white balance:

And picture taken with the camera's preset for tungsten (indoor) lighting:

Interesting to see the difference! Normally I would say that custom white balance does the hands down best job of getting the proper coloring to the picture, but I actually think the Tungsten is the best in this situation... the CWB looks too cool for some reason here. Oh well, this is why I practice!

(and in case you were wondering.... on the fourth day of Valentine's week, my true love gave to me.... a bead and spacer for my Pandora bracelet)


  1. Ooh, I like the ladybugs!!!! The cupboards look great, too.

  2. Do you? I think the head should be black next time maybe... and they are definitely too big for minis, right? But they were simple with the cricut, so we can definitely make some party decorations!


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