Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Boy, I bet that title really made you want to read this, right?

I am just feeling a little bit blah about this whole bloggy business today (and lately). I know it is the pressure that I have put on myself by doing a 365 project, and that happy bloggers probably don't post everyday! So it is my own fault. Most of the time I really enjoy writing, but lately it seems a bit like a chore because I don't have much interesting to say and I am not sure anyone is reading anyways! But in spite of my blah, here is to 39 days straight DONE out of my 365! Hey, I am more than 10% done right? Something to celebrate?

Evie and I tagged along with my husband to his follow up appointment with the surgeon today in a nearby beachy town. Not exactly beach weather, but I wanted to try and take some fabulous photos for my end of course assignment. Didn't really happen.... but I will show you what did!

First, I thought, let's take some pier shots! Good idea right Evelyn?
She is thinking about it....

Hmm, "Mom, why did Daddy put me down in the middle of the pier? I want you!"

"Mom, you can count me OUT of your photos today... I will NOT cooperate!" (okay, she didn't say any of those things because she can't talk, but she might as well have!)

Alright, and now for a neat fact. The photo below shows two countries. In the distance, over the water is the USA, the pier and beach I was standing on, Canada! I drew a diagram in Paint on this picture to demonstrate but it was lame, so I left it off.


  1. I am reading! And because I am in the U.S., you know I think it's awesome that you can see two countries in one picture. :) We had a conversation about this just the other day, lol. I love the pics of Evie and your commentary. Actually made me laugh out LOUD! ♥

  2. At least Evy didn't try to climb the sides of the pier, that's were I thought that might be going.

  3. Lol, Lisa, actually now that you mention it, I am SURPRISED it didn't go there! I was pretty lucky not having to jump off the pier to rescue her!


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