Friday, February 18, 2011

Final day of Valentine's Week

Well, Valentine's week has wrapped up, and I got another nice gift today (as well as a not-so-nice one). I got a new Iphone4! And in honour of that, my pictures tonight are from my new phone.

This is at the store where I picked up my pink phone (matches my pink purse! Aren't I disgusting?)

and here is a picture taken by Laina on it. Adam and I were snickering behind Mylie's back all day today because I had gelled her hair yesterday to put it into a bun for dance, and hadn't washed it since. Once the bun came out, she was left with a very interesting 'do. Doesn't she look like Garth from Wayne's World???

And finally, my not-so-nice present. Evie barfed in her crib tonight after having diahhrea for the last 3 days. My emetophobic self is really on edge tonight. Hoping my little baby feels better in the morning (and none of the other kids or Adam or I gets sick!)


  1. Poor Evie! Hopefully the throw up was an isolated event.

  2. iPhone 4!!! ACK! So cool! What a fab week! We have to share best kid-friendly apps. Also, Angry Birds is just as addictive as they say :)


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