Thursday, February 24, 2011

On February...

I am well aware that I have been super boring lately. I hope to slide out of my funk soon. To be honest, I have kind of a low-grade depression going on over here. I blame February. It is just a crappy in-between month for me. I like January because it feels like a fresh start, with new beginnings and all that. I like March because it signals the beginning of spring (which I think might be my favorite season of the year??) But February? Blah. Just an in-between month. Not much going on, and it seems like historically (as well as currently!) my kids spend the entire month sick, often with stomach virus' that make my little emetophobic self want to curl up in a ball and hibernate until it is all gone. So I have been a bit depressed and not very motivated to use my creative juices. I promise to perk up soon (I hope!).

In the meantime, today was Mylie's party day at preschool were they show off what they have learned this month. It was an utter gong show. Mylie was her typical cooperative self and did all her actions, but man, it was like some of those kids drank Jolt cola for breakfast today! It was generally agreed upon by all the parents to be the worst party day ever.

One picture from the festivities:

And I did one little project today... a birthday hat for my niece, again with the ladybug theme. My whole family decided to model it, each in their own way. I haven't attached the elastic to hold it on yet, and I think I need to add something to the top, maybe another little puff of marabou like at the bottom? This hat was made entirely from SVGcuts again, and the party hat was even a free download!! You can download it free from here.






  1. Love the pics! - Adam's face is so funny and cute! lol - my favorite is Evelyn's, though! And aww, love Mylie's outfit in the first pic - Zaida had that and we LOVED it.

    And I 'get' your February funk. I get it, too, and I've been majorly lacking motivation lately. Sigh. Hope you get to feeling better soon, my friend! ♥♥

  2. I'm with you- Feb is the worst!! It's just so cold. And long. And depressing. I always wish I could just run away for a month long vacation and rejoin reality mid-March.
    But your creativity still seems pretty amazing to me- all the bday stuff is ADORABLE!

  3. I love the party hats!! I love the fact that everyone had their picture taken wearing one, even Adam!


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