Thursday, February 3, 2011

I broke down

My shopping ban has been breached. I shopped the Matilda Jane "House of Clouds" trunk show, but I am not sorry I did. It wasn't an impulse buy, or buying just because there was a sale (for the record, there wasn't). I wasn't buying an excessive amount for a season that I already had too much for. All of those are things I have done in the past and hope to not do again. Whether or not I have finally cured myself of my shopping habit remains to be seen, but I really feel like I don't want to go overboard again and have so many clothes that they couldn't possibly wear them all even once. I just want to have a comfortable number of outfits that I really love...and that they will love wearing. That is my goal.

Adam, Evelyn and I went to a local park today so that I could try and get some pictures of Evelyn. Of course it was raining (because it rains more often than not here) and I didn't end up getting any great pictures but I did get a few that sort of fit what I was looking for, ie. catchlights in her eyes and good skin tone. And they reminded me of how much she looks like Laina, so I will put one of her at the bottom for comparison. Also, I know it seems like Evelyn is ALWAYS wearing this jacket, lol, but it just goes with everything and it such a great weight jacket, that I invariably choose it.






And here is one of Laina at around Evie's age:

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  1. It's fine, I tend to break down a lot....I mean, kids are only little once and they'll only let you dress them for so long, so why not? ;)


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