Monday, February 7, 2011

Evacuate the Pool

The title isn't very interesting to you probably, but that phrase has been going through my head over and over for the last couple of hours. Not just the phrase... it is the words set to music. This music to be exact. It is one of my girl's favorite songs after hearing it over and over at dance festivals last season. And after the events of tonight, it became "Evacuate the pool".

Mylie had a private swimming lesson tonight at the local indoor pool. She is trying to finish up one more skill before moving on the the next level, hence the single private lesson at a random time. So we all went along and Laina went swimming by herself in the pool since she is old enough now, while Mylie went with her instructor. A few minutes into the lesson, one of the life guards blows the whistle, and tells everyone to get out of the pool as quickly as possible. There is probably at least 100 people in there, and mayhem ensues. The entire contents of the building is ushered into the lobby (most still dripping in their bathing suits with no towels, but luckily I hadn't gotten a locker so I had the kids towels and clothes with me). We all mill around wondering what the heck is going on, and they are telling us that the building isn't safe to be in and we all need to leave, something about too much chlorine gas in the air.

I am left wondering (and singing Evacuate the Pool), why can't our family ever do anything without a big gong show or drama? Why does it follow us around?

Anyways, we went to a little village to take pictures today with a funky feel to it. Unfortunately, I took crappy pictures. But at least I have some neat sites scoped out for next time!

Oh, and PS. Mylie picked out her clothes today :)

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